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Wheels on the bus app

4.2 ( 992 ratings )
Jogos Ensino Família Música
Developer: MotionTale Co.,Ltd.

Since kids love nursery rhymes, we created this interactive nursery rhyme for them to enjoy!

And we inserted lots of features for the little ones to enjoy:

- You can chose the next verse of the Wheels on the Bus – or have it play continuously
- Follow the avatar kid for the right hand movements in each verse
- A lot of educational games for the kids to play and practice their counting, colors, shapes and more
- The child can chose to visit different locations around town (i.e. car wash, playground and more) and play with the different activities in each location.
- Or even chose to visit the rainbow and click the different colors to watch fun short animations related to the color

So download this app FOR FREE today and enjoy singing along with your little one.